SG Sycamore-Acres RP CP Phaedra 4*M

SG Sycamore-Acres RP CP Phaedra 4*M
Date of Birth:2009-03-29 LA Score:EEEE 92 @ 5-03
Dam: SG Sycamore-Acres Casper's Phoebi 3*M Sire: Angel-Prairie Rutger Princeton *B
DS: Angel-Prairie Cordite Casper *B SS: GCH Willow Run Chevalier Rutger +*B
DD: SG Sycamore-Acres Vlaminck Cooki 2*M SD: Angel-Prairie Splash Princess

Phaedra had twin does by Merlin on 4/21/14. The red chamoisee with black trim is available. Linear appraisal scores: EEEE 92 @ 5-03 EEEE 92 @ 4-06 EEEE 91 @ 3-03 Photo taken as a 4 yr old.