For Sale

2017 kids for sale:

All kids sired by Windrush Farms PBA Maelstrom:

S:    PJ-Bailey's Charmer Angus            D:  Windrush Farms IRS Emily

SS:  Windrush Farms IRS Charmer       DS:  Iron-Rod ET Sheriff

SD:  PJ-Bailey's Sulten Anzella             DD:  Windrush Farms WRW Penelope


Chamoisee doe out of Phair    $425   dob: 3/30/17     ***SOLD***

Chamoise buck out of Kerin     $400   dob: 4/13/17   ***SOLD***

Gray cou clair buck out of Chablis    $375   dob:  3/30/17   ***SALE PENDING***


Photo of Chablis' full brother, CH Sycamore-Acres MC Phineas Chaz *B is on the Reference Buck page.


3 year old milking doe :

Sycamore-Acres CK Merlin Kerin 3*M   $425 bred or $400 open.   ***SOLD***


2 year old doe, just completed her first lactation and earned her Advanced Registry:

Sycamore-Acres Phineas Kara  4*M  dob: 4/18/15   $400  bred or $375 open.

Kara was exposed to Chance from late October to late November.  If pregnant, she will be due sometime

between late March to late April 2018.


Cash only.  Will provide bill of sale if desired.