For Sale

2017 kids for sale:

All kids sired by Windrush Farms PBA Maelstrom:

S:    PJ-Bailey's Charmer Angus            D:  Windrush Farms IRS Emily

SS:  Windrush Farms IRS Charmer       DS:  Iron-Rod ET Sheriff

SD:  PJ-Bailey's Sulten Anzella             DD:  Windrush Farms WRW Penelope


Chamoisee doe out of Phair    $425   dob: 3/30/17     ***SOLD***

Chamoise buck out of Kerin     $400   dob: 4/13/17   ***SALE PENDING***

Gray cou clair buck out of Chablis    $375   dob:  3/30/17   ***SALE PENDING***


Photo of Chablis' full brother, CH Sycamore-Acres MC Phineas Chaz *B is on the Reference Buck page.


3 year old milking doe available:

Sycamore-Acres CK Merlin Kerin 3*M   $425 bred or $400 open.   ***SALE PENDING***


For sale in December 2017 when her lactation is completed:

Sycamore-Acres Phineas Kara  dob: 4/18/15   $400  bred or $375 open.


Cash only.  Will provide bill of sale if desired.