Sycamore-Acres Picasso Kaitlyn 1*M

Sycamore-Acres Picasso Kaitlyn 1*M
Date of Birth:2006-03-21 LA Score:VEEE 88 @ 3-02
Dam: Sycamore-Acres MM Tariq Marli Sire: Angel-Prairie Popeye Picasso
DS: Willow Run Achilles Tariq *B SS: Angel-Prairie Brutus Popeye *B
DD: SG Sycamore-Acres Molli's Mandi 3*M SD: GCH Angel-Prairie Splash PromQueen 4*M

Kaitlyn left our herd on July 7, 2010 along with herd queen, Phoebi. She now resides in Ohio. We have retained two of her daughters, Karna and Kalypso.