Sycamore-Acres TM Khan Miracle 5*M

Sycamore-Acres TM Khan Miracle 5*M
Date of Birth:2007-03-09 LA Score:EEEE 92 @ 4-06
Dam: Sycamore-Acres MM Tariq Melodi 4*M Sire: Angel-Prairie Wonder Real Khan *B
DS: Willow Run Achilles Tariq *B SS: Willow Run Abraham Wonder ++ *B
DD: SG Sycamore-Acres Molli's Mandi 3*M SD: SG Angel-Prairie Brutus Real Koko 3*M

Miracle had two bucks and a doe by Angel-Prairie Brutus Popeye *B (AI)on March 23, 2012. The doe is retained and one buck (cou blanc) is available. Miracle now resides in the Buckeye state. Thank you, Steve, for giving her a good home.