SG Sycamore-Acres Magnum Chloe 2*M

SG Sycamore-Acres Magnum Chloe 2*M
Date of Birth:2010-03-13 LA Score:VEEE 90 @ 4-03
Dam: Sycamore-Acres Clair De Lune Sire: Sycamore-Acres Prince Magnum *B
DS: Angel-Prairie AP Jack Paragon SS: Angel-Prairie Rutger Princeton *B
DD: Sycamore-Acres WRK Juni Moon SD: Sycamore-Acres MMS Marcia 4*M

Chloe had a cou clair buck and a cou blanc doe by Merlin on 4/26/14. They are available. Linear appraisal scores: VEEE 90 @ 4-03 EVEE 90 @ 3-06 VEEE 89 @ 2-03 Photo taken at 3 years.